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Testosterone Enanthate Powder
Other name  Testosterone Enanthate Powder, Testosterone Enanthate Raw Powder
Purity: 99.2%
Appearance White Powder
CAS No 315-37-7
Molecular formula C26H40O3
Molecular weight 400.59
Grade USP31
Manufactuer www.muscle-steroid.com
Storage Store in cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life 24 months when properly stored.

Testosterone Enanthate Powder For Sale

Testosterone enanthate is an injectable oil based steroid designed to release testosterone from the injection site slowly. Concentrations in the blood will continue to rise for a few days and then remain elevated for a couple of weeks. This is welcomed in the medical world as treatment is obviously more comfortable when less injections are needed, especially when self administration is not practiced. Commonly prescribed for androgen deficiency related conditions.

Testosterone Enanthate Powder Conversion Recipe

Testosterone Ethanate  250mg/ml – 100ml Recipe

25 gram Testosterone Ethanate powder (18.75ml)

2ml BA (2%)

10ml BB (10%)

69.25ml Oil

Testosterone Enanthate Powder COA

Product Name Testosterone Enanthate Quantity 0.5kg

Batch #




Report №




Date Of Manufacture




Expiry Date




Ref. Standard


USP31 Standard


Results Of Analysis Tests

Description White Or White-off Crystalline Powder
Identification Positive Positive

Melting Point






Specific Rotation


+77°~ +82°




Loss On Drying





Free acid 0.5%max 0.31%









Be Conform With USP31 Standard

Testosterone Enanthate Powder Dosage

The usual dosage of testosterone enanthate is 250 mg to 750 mg per week. This amount will provide you with a very rapid gain of both strength and body weight. Your muscles will become very pronounced but again, those side effects can hinder the effects. You may decide a better option is to add an oral drug such as Anadrol or Dianabol. The combinations work very well. Ancillary drugs such as Nolva or Clomid are used after the cycle period to help the muscle mass be retained.

Testosterone Enanthate Powder Cycles

Novice user’s cycle

250mg-500mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 10 weeks. Start PCT 14 days after last injection

Most products will be 250mg/ml. If taking 250mg per week this will result in one ml injection once a week. If taking 500mg per week we will want to inject on a bi-weekly basis, so one injection on Monday and another on the Thursday, for example.

Intermediate user’s cycle

500mg-1000mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 10+ weeks. Likely to be stacked with other anabolic steroids, and is often used as the base compound.

Advanced user’s cycle

750mg + of testosterone enanthate per week for 10+ weeks. Likely to be stacked with many other anabolic steroids, such as dianabol, trenbolone, deca etc.

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